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China to end its ivory trade? We need substance, not ambiguity …

To great excitement and hype, China stated at a public ivory-destruction event that it will “strictly control ivory processing and trade until the commercial processing and sale of ivory and its products are eventually halted.” But with no detail, the statement can only remain ambiguous, making celebrations premature


China’s carved ivory import ban ‘largely window-dressing’

China spurred a flurry of international press reports when it appeared to announce a ban on ivory imports into the country, although the ‘temporary ban’ does not apply to the huge domestic legal ivory market in China which continues to perpetuate the desirability of, and illegal trade in, ivory while stimulating demand


Seeing ‘red’ – the often hidden colour of wildlife contraband

The escalating international criminal trade in ivory and rhino horn is well documented, Significantly less well known a product derived from a critically endangered species, often commanding black market prices up to five times higher than ivory – the carved beaks of helmeted hornbills