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Sharing the skills needed to empower local campaigners

We are famous for our undercover and campaigning work; however, less well known is our work training local partners. We provide capacity-building training workshops in countries such as Tanzania, Indonesia and, Vietnam. we use knowledge and experience to help people to carry out their own investigations.


Why we can never relax our vigil over wild tigers

Next week, the UK Government is hosting a high-level international summit on illegal wildlife trade in London. We would like to see all attending governments ensure that the response needed to save tigers is discussed as one of the top priority issues along with ivory and rhino horn trade


Another year over and a new one just begun …

Concerted action to combat climate change remains elusive, the illegal wildlife trade is booming and exploitation of natural resources such as forests far exceeds capacity to regenerate. One underlying cause for this disconnect is the failure to adequately implement and enforce laws designed to protect the environment