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System Failure.EIA's new report

E-waste special, reporting back on Panorama’s Track My Trash

I think the programme did a great job of explaining this huge problem and our responsibility as consumers to ensure that our old junk doesn’t end up poisoning children in developing countries. EIA was involved with the programme from its inception and I think it’s been a good example of successful collaboration

Chinese picture of a tiger

From tigers to rabbits … Debbie Banks reports

As we slink silently from Year of the Tiger and bound into the Year of the Rabbit, we pause to reflect on whether the last twelve months have been truly auspicious for the great cat, have we turned a corner, can we look to 2022 and the next Year of the Tiger with hope?

A pangolin being hold by a person

Diaries of spirits departed …

Pangolins are being poached extensively and are now one of the most frequently-seized species in South East Asia. Overhunting to meet demand for their body parts has resulted in population declines which increases their value and drives further poaching in a scenario similar to the trade in rhino horn or tiger skins.