Timber logs being transported by truck in Mozambique

EIA in Beijing to mark 10th anniversary of Bali Declaration

EIA is in Beijing this week, attending the Asia Pacific Forestry Week meeting.

The event marks 10 years since the landmark Bali Declaration, which saw governments from the Asia Pacific region and beyond commit to tackle illegal logging. To mark the occasion, EIA has released a new briefing The Bali Declaration Ten Years On.

The briefing recognises the progress made by the major timber consuming markets of the European Union and US in agreeing new regulations to prohibit imports of illegal logged timber. It also describes how key producer countries such as Indonesia have curbed illegal logging.

And EIA cautions that more action is needed in the region’s main wood-processing countries of China and Vietnam, which have yet to take decisive measures to halt imports of illegally logged timber.

Download a copy of the report here.