Captive tiger behind fence, China

EIA hosts environmental crime panel in Bangkok

Many senior EIA campaigners are in Bangkok, Thailand, this week for the annual INTERPOL meeting on environmental crime, and to host a special EIA panel discussion on the issue.

The event Environmental Crime in Asia – a Growing Threat will take place at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand on Wednesday, February 15 at 7pm local time.

Environmental crime is recognised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as the third largest form of global crime, accounting for at least $3.5 billion a year. It exacerbates deforestation and climate change, threatens the existence of endangered species and affects the livelihoods of rural communities.

Specific forms include wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, the dumping of hazardous waste and smuggling of chemicals which deplete the ozone layer.

Such crimes are increasingly prevalent throughout Asia, while the region is also at the forefront of efforts to respond to the threat.

Speakers will outline environmental crime trends in Asia using specific case studies, and will discuss the challenge facing enforcement agencies.

Panel members will include Environmental Investigation Agency, INTERPOL’s Environmental Crime Programme, and experts from national enforcement agencies.

For more information, contact Campaigns Director Julian Newman on [email protected] or Head of Forests Campaign Faith Doherty on [email protected].