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Cool Technologies: Working without HFCs

EIA and Greenpeace are pleased to relaunch our updated Cool Technologies database.

Cool Technologies is an easy-to-use, routinely updated, searchable database of sustainable cooling and refrigeration from around the globe. It was created to help users, manufacturers and policy-makers prepare to move away from hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a family of super greenhouse gases with global warming potentials hundreds to thousands of times higher than carbon dioxide.

Sectors include air-conditioning, refrigeration, compressors, foams and insulation. Commercial, domestic, industrial and mobile applications are covered.

From energy savings to where in the world systems are being used, the site is full of information about manufacturers and users of HFC-free cooling equipment that relies on natural refrigerants and other sustainable cooling technologies.

“Cool Technologies demonstrates the wide array of energy-efficient HFC-free cooling which is available. Understanding what the options are gives people the opportunity to make the best choice for the future,” said Paula Tejon, Greenpeace International Global Campaign Strategist.

“This is a crunch year for HFCs in Europe,” added EIA Climate Campaign Leader Clare Perry. “A sharp acceleration in the ongoing phase-down of these gases, combined with the requirement for HFC pre-charged equipment to obtain quotas is expected cut supply to about 44 per cent of 2015 levels.”

Cool Technologies showcases the rapid uptake of natural refrigerants around the world, sharing information that can help developing countries leap-frog HFCs entirely by moving straight to energy-efficient sustainable cooling.

The website is being launched as the first Inter-Regional Thematic and Network Meetings for National Ozone Officers takes places in Paris, from 15-19 January 2018, organised by UN Environment OzonAction.

* The Cool Technologies Database Editorial Committee comprises Greenpeace and EIA. The survey is not meant to be all-inclusive, nor is the inclusion of any enterprise an endorsement of any company and its products.

The website does not have a commercial purpose and we do not accept payments for any information featured. If you would like your technology case study featured on the database, contact sophie.geoghegan[at]