Turning off the Tap: Plastic production and the climate emergency – Briefing

The expected expansion of plastic production will emit greenhouse gases (GHG) equivalent to an estimated 56 Gt CO2e between 2015-50, representing 10-13 per cent of the entire remaining carbon budget. Addressing plastic production is therefore a climate priority and the adoption of a new global plastics treaty which promotes a circular economy for plastics and controls plastic production is a key climate strategy.

Investigator magazine: How Burmese timber for the superyachts of the super-rich funds the military junta

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 Investigator. Inside, you can read about our latest undercover investigation into the illegal timber trade from Myanmar and our efforts to secure sanctions against those elements of the violent military junta who exploit the country’s natural resources to line their own pockets. You’ll also read about other key activities, including our exposé of ‘the biggest eco-crime no-one’s heard of’: the trade of illegal refrigerants into the EU.