More than a year after being exposed as major players in the smuggling of timber from Laos, this report reveals the Vietnamese timber industry, the military and well-connected Lao actors are still profiting from the flow of logs into Vietnam

Chilling Facts IV

The latest of our annual reports focusing on the use of climate-damaging refrigerants in major supermarket chains and progress to move away from harmful HFCs to climate-friendly alternatives. Chilling Facts IV finds 344 stores have now made the transition, with thousands of engineers trained to service them

Ending the Reign of Fluorocarbons, Answering the Call on Climate

The time for action on HFCs has arrived. The Montreal Protocol is the only international body with the experience and expertise to initiate and effectively achieve a timely “HFC phase-down”. It is time to translate support for an HFC phase-out into concrete action that has become the hallmark of the Montreal Protocol