How we are governed

Our structure

The Environmental Investigation Agency in the UK is formed of two entities:

• Environmental Investigation Agency UK is a not-for-profit company (section 5 of the Articles of Association), number 7752350 (August 25, 2011). EIA (UK) Ltd carries out the work set out in agreed annual strategies and employs all staff. Governance of the company is overseen by a board of directors. Operationally, the company is managed by a senior management team;

• Environmental Investigation Agency Trust Ltd is a registered charity, number 1145359 (January 10, 2012), and a private limited company by guarantee, number 7844550 (November 11, 2011). The ‘Trust’ is primarily a fundraising body managed by a Trustee board which grants income to the Environmental Investigation Agency (UK) Ltd to support projects included in agreed annual strategies.

These entities replaced, in March 2012, earlier formations of companies/charities called EIA whose structure was no longer appropriate.

There is also an EIA (USA) which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in Washington DC.  The organisations work on joint funding applications and on some projects but there is no legal connection between them.