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Campaigners “Don’t Buy” whaler’s effort to distance Icelandic seafood giant from fin whaling

The Don’t Buy From Icelandic Whalers campaign has reacted with dismay to the news that Icelandic company Hvalur will resume fin whaling and with scepticism to the news that Hvalur has sold its shares in seafood giant HB Grandi to another major Icelandic seafood company on the eve of a major fishing industry exposition

Press Release

It’s ‘make or break time for the microbeads ban’

On the day the Government’s microbeads consultation closes, businesses have joined environmental campaigners in calling for a comprehensive ban on microbeads. Campaigners have warned that the current proposals would see the ban limited to microplastic ingredients of 5mm or less in ‘rinse off’ personal care and cosmetic products, while other products containing microplastics could continue to be sold