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The Great UK Soft Plastics Scandal

Plastic pollution resulting from rampant overproduction of plastics and their lifecycles is irreversible, directly undermines our health, drives biodiversity loss, exacerbates climate change, and risks generating large-scale harmful environmental changes.


Convention on Plastic Pollution – Essential Elements – Fishing Gear

Abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear, ‘ghost gear’ is a major contributor to marine plastic pollution and an ever-growing problem impacting marine resources, wildlife and habitats. However, the existing governance framework to address fishing gear requires significant improvement.


Convention on Plastic Pollution – Essential Elements – Production

Virgin plastic production and consumption have reached unsustainable levels. Overproduction has meant inexpensive virgin plastic is used freely and inefficiently, with unfavourable economics for most recycling, leading to a stark discrepancy between how much plastic is produced and how much is recycled.