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All aboard the Tiger Express for fundraising awareness!

I was delighted to join a special Eastern and Oriental “Tiger Express” train to excite and inspire passengers on all things tiger and what we are doing to try to save the species. The glitz and glamour of the journey were a far cry from the steamy jungles and seedy wildlife markets where we normally find ourselves


Driven by a burning bright passion to help wild tigers

In this guest blog for EIA, Simon Clinton discusses his passion for tigers and how he came to set up Save Wild Tigers, a non-profit organisation bringing marketing thinking to the cause of tiger conservation. He also presents some upcoming fundraising events to raise money for high-impact tiger conservation projects


Sharks being pushed towards extinction by Mankind’s fears

Elissa Sursara is an Australia-based conservationist and correspondent using environmental biology to connect humans and the environment. In this guest blog, she discusses shark conservation and finning, both hot topics around the world and in her home country