Masthead for the Spring 2013 Investigator Magazine

The Spring 2013 issue of Investigator is now available

Welcome to the Spring 2013 issue of EIA’s bi-annual newsletter Investigator, giving you an overview of our key campaign activities during the past six months.

This issue features:
• our exposé of China’s conservation double standard as it signs up to save wild tigers while simultaneously stimulating a trade in the skins and parts of captive-bred tigers;
• the new European Union Timber Regulation coming into effect to ban stolen timber from our markets;
• international protection given to endangered Siam rosewood;
• EIA’s complaint against the oil palm company bulldozing Muara Tae is upheld;
• our ground-breaking report revealing China as world’s largest consumer of illegal timber;
Google responds to our pressure by taking down ads promoting products from whales and elephants;
• major CITES meeting in Bangkok falls far short of what elephants need for viable future;
• new European Parliament report calls for widespread bans on HFCs;
• why it should matter to decision- and policy-makers what environmental criminals think;
• a report and pictures from the three-week Tiger Tracks event at London’s St Pancras International station;
• and comedienne and fervent EIA supporter Ronni Ancona delivers a Radio 4 appeal on our behalf.

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