Seized ivory stockpile

Updated: Take action now to tell MPs to end the ivory trade

On Friday, October 4, EIA joined the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s iWorry campaign International March for Elephants to call for an end to all ivory trade.

Here, Wildlife Campaigner Shruti Suresh delivers a special videoblog from the event – and below shares details of what you can do next to make a real difference …


After addressing hundreds of enthusiastic protesters at Parliament Square, EIA Executive Director Mary Rice joined a delegation to 10 Downing Street to present a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the UK Government to work earnestly for a total ban on all ivory trade and markets.

On October 10, 2013 a Westminster Hall debate will take place on the Environmental Audit Committee’s 2012 Wildlife Crime Report.

EIA supports the recommendations in the report, particularly the Committee’s recommendation that the UK Government should “focus attention on the damaging effect of ‘one-off’ sales of impounded ivory, which undermine the international CITES regime and fuel demand for ivory products, and seek an unequivocal international ban on all forms of ivory trade.”

If you want to help end the crisis facing elephants worldwide, please write to your local MP urging him/her to raise this issue during the debate and ensure the UK Government takes a leadership position and adopts bold measures to end the slaughter of elephants for ivory trade.

Please join us to urge the UK Government to:
• publicly announce support for a complete ban on international and domestic trade in ivory;
• call for the closure of parallel commercial legal markets for ivory, including the legal domestic ivory markets in Asia – China, Japan and Thailand – and across Africa.

You can find details of how to contact your local MP here.