MEP hopefuls are urged to take a pledge of protection on International Day of Forests

Today (21 March) is the UN’s International Day of Forests and our campaigners are in Brussels for the launch of a joint Forest-Pledge.

The pledge is supported by indigenous leaders, writers, scientists, civil society and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and outlines collective hopes for the forests of tomorrow.

If elected in the upcoming EU elections in May, several candidate MEPs pledge to promote policies which will protect and restore forests worldwide while recognising and securing forest peoples’ territories and their rights, including the rights of women.

In 2017, the planet lost more trees than in almost any year on record. Forests around the world – including forests the EU – are being destroyed and burnt for biomass or converted to fields for cattle pasture and other commodities such as palm oil, soy or cocoa.

Vanessa Richardson, Forests Campaigner, said: “Given that the EU consumes these goods in the form of paper, lipstick, chicken-feed or chocolate bars, it’s time for our political leaders to take meaningful action to lessen our global footprint – and the International Day of Forests is a perfect place to start.”

A panel of speakers at the launch includes several MEPs and Peter Wohlleben, bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees.