Empowering Muara Tae with the campaign skills to fight

EIA and Telapak campaigners have held a series of successful training workshops to help a remote forest community in Indonesia’s East Kalimantan province take an effective stand against the aggressive spread of palm oil plantations.

Since last year, we have been working to raise awareness of, and support for, the indigenous Dayak Benuaq community of Muara Tae in its confrontation.

During last month’s return visit, we donated cameras, laptops and GPS devices, and taught participants how to use them effectively to capture visual evidence of the destruction of their ancestral lands and to expose such abuses to a wider audience.

EIA’s new Visual Communications Officer, Emma Clark, was one of those who took part in the workshops and, while in Muara Tae, she prepared a behind-the scenes look at the workshops in action as well as a glimpse into the unique lives of the villagers.