EIA podcast – how fast action on cooling can stop us heading for catastrophe

Our attention may be consumed by the coronavirus crisis, but the very real threat of climate change hasn’t gone anywhere. Although the world is fast approaching potentially irreversible climate change tipping points, swift action to tackle refrigerant greenhouse gases could go a long way to help.

Podcast – What on Earth?

Tipping the scales in our favour – how fast action on cooling can avoid climate catastrophe


Welcome back to the EIA What on Earth? podcast.

On the eve of World Refrigeration Day (26 June), Fionnuala Walravens, our Senior Climate Campaigner, and Tim Grabiel, a Senior Lawyer working on our Climate and Ocean campaigns, talk about the problem of climate change tipping points and what we can do about it by swiftly phasing out refrigerant hydrofluorocarbon greenhouse gases, more commonly known as HFCs.


Fionnuala Walravens

Tim Grabiel