Two African elephants

EIA podcast – Ban it and keep it banned … the high cost to elephants of legal ivory trade

Last week, Zimbabwe hosted what it called an ‘Elephant Summit’ for itself and several other African nations – including Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia – with the aim of restarting the legal international trade in ivory and selling off their stockpiled elephant tusks.

And in sharp juxtaposition to this potentially lethal move, the UK Ivory Act is due to come into effect next week, banning virtually all trade in ivory in the country.


Podcast – What on Earth?

Ban it and keep on banning it … the high cost to elephants of restarting legal ivory trade

In this episode, EIA Senior Wildlife Campaigner Lindsey Smith and Wildlife Campaigner Rachel Mackenna take a look at these latest developments affecting elephant conservation and consider likely next steps.

Lindsey Smith

Rachel Mackenna

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Correction – only Japan was a buyer at the first CITES-approved one-off sale of stockpiled ivory; both China and Japan were approved buyers for the subsequent one-off sale