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Deadly noise waves are rolling towards Ibiza and Mallorca

As a member of OceanCare’s Silent Oceans coalition, we’re pleased to share this latest press release from the campaign:

WÄDENSWIL: Oil companies plan to search for oil near the Balearic islands, a move which would affect deep sea regions and protected marine areas.

On August 4, an OceanCare expert delegation will visit Spain to directly negotiate with the Spanish Government to halt the planned oil explorations.

“These plans by the oil industry are a frontal attack on fragile habitats in the Mediterranean. Oil exploration noise is a deadly threat to marine animals and we are joining forces to stop these plans,” says Sigrid Lüber, president of OceanCare.

OceanCare and several other organisation, including the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), launched the Silent Oceans protest campaign at, globally motivating people to join.

To highlight the threat to the Balearic islands, the campaign has released a short animated film of a blowfish dancing to house music to simply convey concerns about seismic noise waves.

As the initiator of Silent Oceans, OceanCare will collect all e-letters of protest until August 4 and then hand them over to the Spanish embassies and Government to emphasise public concern.

Letters of protest can be sent via

“People in Spain are placing big hopes in the support of tourists and are hoping for a wave of solidarity. The political decision on how the Mediterranean region will develop will also set the future direction for energy supply policy,” said Lüber.

Silent Oceans is demanding that prior to any authorisation of oil explorations, comprehensive environmental impact assessments must be carried out to ensure:
• marine protected areas are absolute no-go zones for oil and gas exploration;
• management plans are required for all scenarios of risks and hazards;
• alternative and less noisy oil exploration technologies to be made mandatory.

Media contact: Sigrid Lüber, President OceanCare, via +41 44 780 66 88, Mobile +41 79 475 2687 or email