About EIA

EIA’s investigations are a trademark of our work around the world, but we tackle environmental crime and defend the natural world strategically, operating in a number of different ways.

Our findings are combined with scientific documentation and representation at international conventions, creating the hard-hitting campaigns which have earned us a global reputation.



Diligent, carefully planned undercover investigations are at the heart of EIA’s work, going out to the frontlines of environmental crime and returning with the credible intelligence and persuasive imagery necessary to confirm the findings of our preliminary research and tip-offs in the field.

The more complex and potentially dangerous cases see investigators setting up false front companies and well-researched fake identities, allowing them to infiltrate potentially criminal organisations and get close to the key individuals suspected of involvement.



The evidence sourced in the field is used by EIA to raise awareness and to advocate meaningful change and policy reforms, lobbying those in power and producing authoritative reports and compelling short films.

We also identify and advocate solutions to the problems we expose, a major focus of which is the role played by consumer demand for products harming the environment, from illegal logging to supermarket refrigeration.



EIA works closely with a number of other organisations, developing close partnerships with local NGOs around the world as well as engaging with wildlife and customs enforcement agencies at international and national levels; for example, we provide hard intelligence to Interpol and the World Customs Organisation, while our bespoke training films on illegal trades are used by enforcement agencies worldwide.



A small organisation packing a big punch!

EIA is a small organisation and we rely on donations from the public and charitable foundations; we don’t have flash offices and huge salaries but we do give great value for money by focusing our resources on the vital work which has made us one of the most effective conservation groups in the world.


How we are structured

The Environmental Investigation Agency in the UK is formed of two entities:

Environmental Investigation Agency (UK) Ltd is a not-for-profit company (section 5 of the Articles of Association), number 7752350 (August 25, 2011). EIA (UK) Ltd carries out the work set out in agreed annual strategies and employs all staff. Governance of the company is overseen by a board of directors. Operationally, the company is managed by a senior management team;

• Environmental Investigation Agency Trust Ltd is a registered charity, number 1145359 (January 10, 2012), and a private limited company by guarantee, number 7844550 (November 11, 2011). The ‘Trust’ is primarily a fundraising body managed by a Trustee board which transfers income to the Environmental Investigation Agency (UK) Ltd to carry out projects included in agreed annual strategies.

These entities replaced, in March 2012, earlier formations of companies/charities called EIA whose structure was no longer appropriate.

There is also an EIA (USA) which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in Washington DC.  The organisations work on joint funding applications and on some projects but there is no legal connection between them.


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