Vacancy: We’re recruiting an Archivist / DAM specialist

Organisation: Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Location: Islington, London

Position Type: Permanent

Salary: Grade 2, £27k-£29k depending on experience

Closing Date: 10:30 BST on July 24, 2017


Contact Name: Bill Dishington

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: +44 (0) 20 7354 7960

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Purpose of post

EIA introduced a digital asset management system AssetBank to manage the large volume of images and footage collected over the years. The collection comprises approximately 30,000 images and 5,000 hours of film. A significant amount of this is in analogue and in old formats and therefore currently difficult to search for images and clips that can be used in our campaigning and for historical research purposes.

The Archivist will be responsible for managing the digital asset management system and cataloguing/digitising significant parts of this historical collection. We estimate this would comprise 5,000 still images and 500 hours film.


Main responsibilities

  • successfully manage the end-to-end process of image rights, image storage and asset library management in a busy environment
  • evaluating records for preservation and retention – some may be fragile and need careful handling, repair or conservation
  • arranging the acquisition and retrieval of records
  • liaising with stakeholders and depositors of archives, both internal and external to the organisation
  • preparing record-keeping systems and procedures for archival research and for the retention or destruction of records
  • cataloguing collections and managing information and records
  • responding to personal, telephone, email and written enquiries from members of the public and other users
  • advising users on how best to access, use and interpret archives, often through internal training courses
  • facilitating remote access by maintaining user-friendly, computer-aided search systems
  • arranging exhibitions, talks and visits
  • producing teaching materials
  • facilitating training sessions on archival procedures
  • bidding for funds and managing section budgets
  • identifying ways of protecting and preserving collections
  • managing and supervising volunteers
  • advising on the ongoing organisation and storage of material