EU flags, Brussels, Belgium

EIA Euro Parliament event: End in Sight for HFCs

EIA is hosting an event at the European Parliament in Brussels at 6pm on Monday, September 24, 2012 in room PHS 7C50. This will aim to bring together MEPs, the Commission, Member State representatives, NGOs, media and businesses to discuss the opportunities for phasing-out the use of climate-changing F-Gases presented by the current review of the F-Gas Regulation.

F-Gases, and HFCs in particular, are a rapidly growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Currently they account for around two per cent of European emissions, but unless urgent action is taken this will increase dramatically, with estimates suggesting they could account for up to 19 per cent of global emissions by 2050.

Fortunately, for many sectors, alternatives are available, often with equal or greater energy efficiency than existing technologies. At the same time, a phase-out of HFCs could provide an opportunity for European businesses in a market currently dominated by North American and Asian players. What can be done to encourage the rapid phase-out of HFCs, and what measures should the European Commission propose?

F-Gases, or fluorinated greenhouse gases, are a family of chemicals used in refrigeration, insulation and foam-blowing.