New trailer for EIA film The Real Chainsaw Massacre

With its UK premiere this Thursday (December 22) on Nat Geo Wild at 8pm, we’re pleased to share this new trailer for The Real Chainsaw Massacre.


Made by London production company Red Earth Studio for National Geographic, the documentary follows EIA investigators as they go undercover, posing as timber traders and tourists to follow the trail of logs being illegally smuggled from Laos over the border to feed to voracious furniture industry of neighbouring Vietnam, which in turns supplies markets in Europe and the USA.

Using covert filming to piece together the evidence, their findings point the finger at a surprising culprit – the Vietnamese military.

Nat Geo Wild is available on Sky Digital (Knowledge pack) and Virgin (XL pack) and can be found at Sky channel number 528, Virgin Media channel number 228 and UPC channel number 216.

Nat Geo Wild HD is available on Sky Digital (Knowledge pack). Find us at Sky HD channel number 544 and UPC HD channel number 222.

The Real Chainsaw Massacre is repeated on Nat Geo Wild on December 22 at 11pm and on Christmas Day at 10pm.

The documentary is followed on December 29 by the third of three new films about EIA’s investigations, Blood Ivory Smugglers.

Read more about the three films and watch excerpts here.

EIA Campaigns Director Julian Newman, the lead investigator featured in The Real Chainsaw Massacre, gives a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes here.