New trailer for EIA film Blood Ivory Smugglers

With its UK premiere this Thursday (December 29) on Nat Geo Wild at 8pm, we’re pleased to share this new trailer for Blood Ivory Smugglers.

Made by London production company Red Earth Studio for National Geographic, the documentary follows EIA investigators as they assess the state of elephant poaching in Kenya and go undercover, posing as ivory buyers to penetrate markets in China in a bid to discover what is driving the black market trade despite the country being allowed to purchase ivory at CITES-sanctioned auctions.

Using covert filming to piece together the evidence, their findings indicate the Chinese Government is profiteering on this ‘legitimate’ ivory by selling it internally at vastly inflated prices.

Nat Geo Wild is available on Sky Digital (Knowledge pack) and Virgin (XL pack) and can be found at Sky channel number 528, Virgin Media channel number 228 and UPC channel number 216.

Nat Geo Wild HD is available on Sky Digital (Knowledge pack). Find us at Sky HD channel number 544 and UPC HD channel number 222.

Blood Ivory Smugglers is repeated on Nat Geo Wild on December 29 at 11pm, on New Year’s Day at 10pm and on January 5 at 3pm.

Read more about the three films and watch excerpts here.

EIA co-founder Dave Currey, one of the Kenya investigators in Blood Ivory Smugglers, reflects on his experiences campaigning against the ivory trade here.