Diary date: Come and meet us at Greens on the Green!

You’re cordially invited to EIA’s Greens on the Green fair, to be held on Islington Green, London N1, on Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 11am to 8pm!

Islington Green by Fin Fahey

Islington Green, London N1

What is it that sets EIA apart from the rest?

There are any number of answers to this question, and if you’ve found yourself reading this you may well be aware of some of them – our history of major  successes which have helped shape the environmental movement in the past 30 years, our groundbreaking undercover investigative techniques and our unrivalled team of dedicated campaigners, to name but a few.

Another equally valid answer is our hugely talented Visual Communications team, which provide EIA’s investigators with the tools and skills to gather evidence and document criminal activity, and then creates hard-hitting visuals to help spread awareness and demonstrate our findings. This is the cornerstone of the way in which EIA advocates lasting change and it dates back to the very beginnings of the organisation.

The concept of Greens on the Green was born of a wish to showcase just what makes EIA so effective and unique. We’re rightly proud of our past achievements, not to mention our ongoing efforts to protect the environment, and would like the opportunity to share this in a fun, welcoming environment.

We think the best way to go about this is via Greens on the Green, EIA’s Summer Fair!

While our work largely takes place abroad, we want to bring all that we do to our local community, here in London.  This is not only to represent the fact that what we do is of global significance and concern, but that the message and values we hold as an organisation transcend the specific campaign and geographical areas in which we operate.

Greens on the Green is new territory for EIA, but we hope it will provide a platform to introduce a new group of people to the organisation by showcasing our work and highlighting why it is of vital importance. Through films, talks, conversation and general jollity, we hope to bring EIA’s mission to a new audience and show that the global issues we deal with as an organisation also have a local impact.

The day’s programme of activities will be based around our film tent where, for the first time ever, the four National Geographic commissioned documentaries, which were filmed in 2010 and 2011 and focus on EIA’s work, will be shown in public all in one day.



These engrossing films document the process EIA campaign investigators goes through when working on the frontline, including actual footage from the field which gives a fascinating insight into the fast-paced and dangerous world of environmental crime.

We will also present an introduction to EIA, a segment on our beginnings and a number of other campaign films throughout the day.

Films aside, EIA staff will be on hand to chat to all day, with some also giving talks. There will be food and cake stalls, a craft area for the kids and live music from some fantastic bands.

Once again, Greens on the Green will be taking place on Islington Green, London N1, on Saturday July 13, 2013, from 11am to 8pm.

You can see the work-in-progress schedule below and we hope you’ll agree that the day looks to be shaping up nicely.

If you can make it down we would love to see you there, and keep your fingers crossed for glorious – or at the very least dry – weather!


Film and Music Schedule

11.00 – The Bonfire Band www.thebonfireband.co.uk
11.40 – Introduction to EIA
12.00 – Kasai Masai www.kasaimasai.com
12.40 – National Geographic’s Crimes Against Nature 2: Making A Killing
13.40 – Band (TBA)
14.20 – National Geographic’s Crimes Against Nature 2: Chainsaw Massacre
15.10 – Acoustic Music
15.30 – Animal Detectives & EIA in the beginning
16.30 – Band (TBC)
17.10 – National Geographic’s Inside: The Tiger Trade
17.40 – Acoustic Music
18.10 – National Geographic’s Crimes Against Nature 2: Blood Ivory
19.10 – Band (TBC)


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