Our partners

We believe in the power of partnership to create change. Rather than plant our flag overseas by creating branch offices, we prefer to join forces with like-minded NGOs in the main countries where we work. The benefits of this approach are clear; we learn from our partners and vice versa, and through this the effectiveness of our work is enhanced.

Our partnerships have come about naturally, based on a realisation that we cannot achieve our campaign goals alone, and through meeting groups who share our concerns and methods.

In Indonesia we have stood shoulder to shoulder for over a decade with Telapak in fighting illegal logging. In India we have pooled resources with the Wildlife Protection Society of India in investigating trade in tiger parts. In Tanzania we have trained scores of local NGOs in partnership with Journalists Environmental Association of Tanzania, and have carried out investigations into the ivory trade together.

As well as these long-standing partnerships, we also collaborate with other NGOs on specific issues. For instance, we work closely with NGOs in Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal to bring about effective implementation of the EU F-Gas Regulation.

Through these and other partnerships our campaigns are advanced, and as a group we are enriched through the insights and friendship our partners bring.

Training Local Activists

Capacity building, TanzaniaEIA passionately believes in sharing our campaigning techniques and experience with grassroots activists in the countries where we work.

For many years, we have provided equipment, taught skills and given networking opportunities to people who want to speak out against the injustices they see around them.
Recent advances in communications technology have meant anyone can quickly record, upload, distribute and promote previously untold stories about key human rights abuses and environmental concerns.

These emotionally engaging stories, when put into the right hands at the right meetings, conferences or press briefing, can bring about change in profound ways.

We carry out this work in many countries, as often as possible, although the key countries where we have had major skills-sharing projects are Indonesia and Tanzania where there have been impressive results. We have also run training workshops in India with groups which campaign to end illegal mining in tiger habitats.

Find out more about our work in Indonesia and Tanzania.

Together we are stronger.