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2011 is rumored to be the year of the QR codes and it seems their potential is limitless.

QR codes, or quick response codes are the two dimensional barcodes that are being adopted by marketing folk everywhere.

You may have noticed them on the tube? On big posters and billboards? Their most basic use is for internal tracking, they’re on bank statements, patient ID tags in hospitals but slowly companies and organisations are realising their capabilities.

These codes are scannable using most smartphones. Android & Nokia smartphones have QR code readers built in, for Apple users there are plenty of free applications to download. What makes it more interesting is the abililty to generate your own QR codes from free sites, to link to URLs etc.

With the capacity to hold many hundred times more information than the conventional bar-code they are bridging the gap between traditional hard print media and its electronic equivalent.

To coincide with the development of EIA’s new website we will be looking to integrate QR codes into more of our communications, ensuring that all our important web pages are optimised for mobiles as well.

So watch this space!!

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