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EIA’s newest recruit reflects on the state of Indonesian forests ahead of World Environment Day

As the plane dipped to one side, the window revealed a sea of deep green below. Thousands of trees packed together like tiny cotton balls, their canopies forming a roof over one of nature’s greatest shows. Beneath, a beguiling cast of orang utans and gibbons, birds and insects. Just a few decades ago this majestic […]

Press officer Paul Newman on why people in this country should care

‘So why should people in this country care?’ Spreading word of EIA’s activities and investigations via broadcast, print and electronic media can present all sorts of interesting challenges in the shifting landscape of how information is delivered and consumed in the early 21st Century. But with traditional forms such as newspapers under mounting pressure and […]

Jago Wadley highlights some good news for Indonesia’s forests (with caveats, of course …)

Promising Signs of Hope for Papua’s Forests

Recent news from Indonesia on revisions made to the Papua Provincial Spatial Plan, made public this month, gives rise to significant hopes that large areas of Papua’s forests may be saved from conversion to plantations and agricultural estates, at least in the short-to-medium term.

Up For Grabs: Deforestation And Exploitation In Papua’s Plantations Boom

Massive Land Grab for Plantations in Papua Threatens Vital Forests and Exploits Local Communities A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Telapak – entitled “Up for Grabs” – exposes how five million hectares of land, most of it forested, is being targeted in Papua by powerful companies seeking to cash in on […]