Website survey: the results

Thank you to all those who took part in our website survey last month; it’s great to get feedback from those who use the site and we’ve had some very interesting comments.

Positively, we’ve had an average satisfaction rate of 7.4/10 from site users. It seems you come to our website for a whole host of reasons, some of the most popular being “to read a publication” and find out more about our campaigns.

You have raised some issues about our current site and we agree with a lot of what you had to say.  Some of your comments include;

  • “It’s quite difficult to navigate around”
  • “It needs to be much more accessible and user-friendly.   Also less technical on home pages.”
  • “The site could do with a more modern look and feel.”
  • “Like a lot of sites – a bit cluttered – but not overly”
  • “Could look more lively”
  • “Although I am a long time EIA supporter, the website doesn’t make me feel inspired to read it”
  • “The website has a tendency to repeat itself with long winded sentences.”
  • “Might benefit from having a cleaner, sharper appearance.  Maybe simplify the home page slightly, keeping the key messages/issues/campaigns as central and as visible as possible.”

All of these issues we are looking to address in the new site, accessibility and navigation are paramount. We want to improve the design and the look-and-feel of the site, with varying levels of content so it is suitable to all audiences.

Looking towards the new site, we have had some fantastic feedback.

A huge 83% of you are definitely interested in taking action, by signing a petition for a particular cause and another 16% would try it. It’s great to hear your enthusiasm for this and we are looking into the possibilities of implementing something similar on our site.

More than 60% of you would be interested in buying merchandise, if more was available. For a few years our range of merchandise has been minimal, however it seems there is a demand to incorporate a slightly larger range. Some of you have expressed interest in items for children, all this we will take on board.

Finally, 70% of you are intrigued by a members’ zone, this is a real possibility and will come up in discussion with the web designers in the coming weeks.


Questionnaire Data

We've got some exciting ideas for the new website, would you use any of the following?


With the growth of social media in the last few years it was interesting to note that 86% of you use at least one form of social media; the most common being Facebook. However, 14% of you do not use it at all. This is important to remember as we redevelop our site. We are currently using social media quite a bit as it allows the flexibility not possible through our current website. Our aim is to have our new website that has all the latest news not just in the form of press releases but all campaigners’ views and opinions in the same place, rather in two separate places as it is now. Social media will add to this but not form the bulk of our content.


You may be aware that social media is being used more and more by donors and non-profits. Which of the following, if any, do you use?

You may be aware that social media is being used more and more by donors and non-profits. Which of the following, if any, do you use?


Many of your comments were positive and you have come up with some interesting suggestions including a multilanguage function, “including Kiswahili so that Tanzania indigenous also may read and post environmental issues”, a special section for young supporters is an interesting idea and very plausible. Plenty of you have suggested more information on events, a photo gallery and ways to get involved have also been suggested. All these things we are looking into and are especially keen to improve the “What Can I Do?” Section. Some other suggestions include;

  • “Your team are very courageous and take risks, perhaps you could emphasise this – maybe by some personal stories?”
  • “One of EIA’s greatest assets is its specialist inside knowledge of environmental crime – so making it easy for professionals and interesting folks to find the info easily would be good. Exploit your expertise.”
  • “More information on the work of your investigators, intelligence staff and the tools that they use. E.g. Expand on the excellent article written by Charlotte Davies, in your latest e-newsletter.”

So that sums up your comments; thank you once again to all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire. The web designers are due in shortly and we can get this project moving forward.