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Transnational wildlife crime: “This fight will not be won in the bush, it will be won in the court.”

The Frontline Club has published a summary of its recent debate 'The Dark Links with Illegal Wildlife Trafficking', featuring EIA Campaigns Director Julian Newman ...

Julian Newman ... argued that the legislation needed to reduce these crimes already exists. He said: “Based on our recent work on trade in tiger bones, rhino horns and elephant ivory, what we’re talking about is serious transnational organised crime – these are criminals breaking the law.”

Highlighting that wildlife crime is now the fourth largest form of organised crime in the world, according to the UN, Newman urged: “The response that governments put in place is not appropriate to tackle organised crime. These groups span countries and continents, are very well organised and make lots of money – meaning they can bribe and corrupt.

“There’s too much focus on either the poaching or the market,” he continued. “Time is short. We have to look at these criminal syndicates who are making money, disrupt them in the middle and put them in jail. We have the tools to do that but we’re not using them against wildlife criminals. We have to look at anti-corruption, anti money-laundering laws and we have to get serious about this.”

In conclusion, Newman added: “This fight will not be won in the bush, it will be won in the court.”

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Image: Archive shot of confiscated wildlife products at JFK Airport, New York, by Steve Hillebrand
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India: Gang of animal hide traders busted, snow leopard skin seized

New Delhi, May 5 (PTI) With the arrest of three persons, Delhi Police today claimed to have busted a gang of animal hide traders and recovered from their possession the skin of a snow leopard, an endangered species.

The last time Delhi Police had recovered snow leopards hide was around 23 years ago, a senior official said.

The accused have been identified as Ram Singh (28), Tej Singh (23) and Jigmed Ram (20). They allegedly procured the hides of rare predator animals from high altitude areas in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Two of the accused were arrested on Tuesday and the police recovered the 8 feet 10 inches-long hide of an adult leopard from their possession. Yesterday, the third member was arrested and 4 ft-long hide of a snow leopard was found from his possession, the official said.


#India #leopards

Image: Snow leopard, by Trisha Shears
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Kenya’s courageous ivory pyre a statement of intent

Last week, the eyes of the world’s media were firmly fixed on Kenya.

With a high level Heads of State meeting in Nanyuki – The Giants Club Summit – followed by the largest ever public burning of stockpiled ivory, presided over by Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta, the wires were buzzing with speculation and discussion as to what these events might mean for the future of Africa’s elephants.

... Many connotations were attached to this message by a range of media and pundits: that by burning they would reduce poaching; by burning they would reduce demand; by burning they would stop trade.

From where I stood, and in conversation with some of the key decision-makers behind the event, it was not so nuanced – it was simply the nation of Kenyan taking a courageous and unambiguous step by putting its money where its mouth is.

Read Mary Rice's new blog in full at

#Kenya #Africa #ivory #elephants The Giants Club Summit Space for Giants

Image: Kenya’s stockpiled ivory burns (c) David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
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