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London Conference turns a spotlight on the illicit financial flows and corruption enabling illegal wildlife trade

The fourth Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) in London this week has seen high-level participation from governments, private sector and NGOs, focusing the attention of the international community on previous commitments to tackle IWT as a serious organised crime


No time for paper promises at Hanoi wildlife trade meeting

The follow-up to the London and Kasane conferences on illegal trade in wildlife opens in Hanoi, Vietnam. The landmark London Conference brought together heads and representatives of governments to discuss the rise in the illicit trade in wildlife and its negative social, environmental and economic impacts


Franziska is all set for her marathon fundraising effort!

On Sunday, April 26 it’s likely that most of us will be enjoying a leisurely morning, but not Franziska Dieterle. Franziska will instead be tackling the London Marathon for EIA, raising vital funds for our fight against environmental crime


Franziska’s in the running to help make a difference

I had been running marathons since 2012 and decided it was time to apply for the position of EIA’s runner for the London Marathon 2015. I look at the trees and environment around me and like to think that this race can make a difference. I have had great support from donors so far and hope to raise even more money