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EIA calls for the closure of legal domestic ivory markets

On World Elephant Day today, EIA is calling on world governments to vote YES and support the closure of legal domestic ivory markets at the 17th Conference of the Parties to CITES, which takes place next month in Johannesburg. This is the biggest international gathering on wildlife trade in the calendar, attracting thousands of delegates who will debate how to regulate international trade.


Pangolins are in dire need of tougher CITES protection

Estimates suggest that at least one million pangolins have been traded in the past decade. Although there is no population data for any pangolin species, the levels of observed trade and the patterns of exploitation strongly suggest that all pangolin species are in decline and that trade is the primary reason


Mapping crime: a resource for World Pangolin Day

The map is intended as a regularly updated resource for use by anybody working in pangolin conservation as well as for general interest and is based on a subset of poaching and seizure incidents from 2000-15, derived from publicly available records, from primarily English and Chinese language sources

Dead whale at factory

If you think the whales have been saved, guess again

Although the commercial hunting of large whales was banned in 1986, Japan, Norway and Iceland continue to exploit loopholes to kill whales and trade whale products while continuing their efforts to undermine and ultimately overturn the ban. Recent years have seen a worrying rise in international trade in whale products.