Repeat Offender report now available in Vietnamese

Released on May 8, EIA Forests Campaign report Repeat Offender exposed how corrupt Government officials and military personnel in Vietnam are complicit in smuggling huge quantities of illegal timber from Cambodia.

Revealing how those involved received millions of dollars in bribes from timber smugglers for allowing some 300,000m3 of logs from Cambodia’s National Parks to be laundered into Vietnam, the report has spurred the Government of Vietnam to announce it is “working to begin an investigation into allegations of widespread illegal logging in Cambodia directed by Vietnamese companies and provincial government officials”.

To assist, and to help spread the findings of Repeat Offender as widely as possible, EIA today releases a Vietnamese translation of the report. A Cambodian language version is currently in preparation.

You can read and download the report, in both English and Vietnamese versions, here.

Read about the impact of the report and how EIA strategically releases its findings for maximum impact in a special blog by Faith Doherty, head of EIA’s Forests Campaign, here.