Enforcement Assistance

EIA investigations into environmental crime generate valuable information for professional enforcement officers which can help shape their tactics and strategies.

We also give confidential briefings to assist officials in building criminal profiles for their own operations. At the invitation of individual governments and intergovernmental organisations, EIA has participated as a ’resource‘ at a number of practical training workshops on illegal trade in ozone depleting substances, timber trafficking and cross-border wildlife crime.

In cooperation with UNEP Green Customs Initiative, the CITES Secretariat, relevant national government officials and local experts, we have produced films for enforcement officers combating the illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances, ivory and Asian big cats. These are intended to complement institutional training, with the advantage of reaching a greater number of people.

Copies of the enforcement films are available to professional enforcement officers only; contact EIA for more details.

At a campaign level, we use our findings to lobby the decision-makers who determine the allocation of resources and time to police, Customs and other agencies, encouraging them to recognise environmental crime as a major international issue requiring the engagement of highly trained and skilled investigators, law enforcement officials, intelligence analysts and prosecutors.

EIA also supports the recent creation of the International Consortium for Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).

Watch our Environmental Crime campaign film and read our report.