Help us tell the UK Government to act against the tide of plastic choking our oceans

We urgently need your help to ensure the UK Government takes meaningful steps to reduce single-use plastics and combat plastic pollution of the world’s oceans..


Plastic pollution in the ocean  |  © Shutterstock

Marine plastic pollution is one of the most serious emerging threats to the health of our oceans.

HM Treasury is consulting until 18 May on using the tax system or charges to address single-use plastic waste – and we need you to make your voice heard!

You can compose your own response to the consultation or use/adapt the sample response we’ve provided.

Senior Ocean Campaigner Sarah Baulch said: “For far too many years, companies have flooded our lives with unnecessary throwaway plastics, made to be used once but lasting forever in the environment.

“Our seas and marine wildlife have become choked by this plastic pollution legacy. It’s time that the UK Government made sure companies are held responsible and introduce measures to reduce the production and consumption of single-use plastics.

“The oceans are absolutely vital to all life on the planet, whether it lives in the water or not and this is a chance to pressure the UK Government into taking robust steps to help address the problem and help clean up the oceans.

“The UK has already set a precedent for taking leading actions on plastics – look at the 5p plastic bag charge and the tough microbeads ban – and this is an opportunity to build further on that work.”