All gifts will protect elephants

All funds raised from this appeal will directly fund the EIA Elephant Campaign

Help fund our elephant campaign with a gift today

At EIA we have recently discovered a global criminal network which we are calling Syndicate-2.

We urgently need to send our investigators back out into the field to gather the evidence we need to disrupt Syndicate-2, who are responsible for thousands of brutal elephant killings each year.

Your gift today will directly fund our elephant campaign, so could make a huge difference to the future of this wonderful species.

Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

 Elephant observing their dead calf

How your generosity can expose and stop illegal elephant poaching

Illegal ivory trading fuels demand for elephants’ tusks and threatens the future of an entire species. We are committed to exposing and disrupting the actions of criminal networks in order to save elephants from extinction, but we need your help.

It costs around £8,775 for one of our operatives to go into the field to gather evidence to contribute to an investigation, including research, travel, accommodation, visas and support from local fixers and guides.

Anything you can donate today will DIRECTLY FUND OUR ELEPHANT CAMPAIGN.

Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

Our elephant campaign in 2017

Our current appeal will directly fund our elephant campaign. This will focus largely on investigating criminal activity, including Syndicate-2.

However, we will also be using funds to engage governments and present evidence with the following aims:

  • Shut down the UK’s domestic ivory market by producing and sharing relevant briefings with MPs
  • Maintain and increase pressure on China & Hong Kong to stick to their pledge to close down their ivory markets
Please fund our elephant campaign with a gift today.