Job vacancy: IUU and bycatch Consultant

Position: IUU and bycatch Consultant
Reporting to: Senior Ocean Campaigner
Starting date: asap

Application closing date: 15/02/2021
Work completion date: 15/04/2021


In 2020 we identified a need to conduct research with the intention of elevating the linkages between illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) and bycatch, including bycatch in abandoned, lost and otherwise discarded fishing gear (ALDFG) in the international policy arena in order to accelerate efforts to protect vulnerable cetacean species and ecosystems.

Recognising in particular the threat to small cetacean species from fishing gear through our work on the conservation of the vaquita and a 2019 scientific paper identifying specific cetacean species under threat, we are seeking to recruit a consultant to assist with this work and use the findings to inform a campaign strategy and related intervention points in regional and international policy processes such as at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), amongst others.

Objectives and Description of Work

We wish to build on our experience by further researching connections between IUU and bycatch in specific locations and/or fisheries to see where intervention points may be possible. The research should build on the work of Brownell at al  outlining the threats to 13 critically endangered cetacean species and assess linkages with legal and illicit fishing practices in these cases in order to determine a strategy to increase protection through national, regional and international policy and enforcement initiatives.

The background research should also identify where possible where ALDFG is involved, drawing upon existing research about the links between IUU and ALDFG, and supplementing this by direct outreach to relevant stakeholders, for example via interviews, webinars and any relevant meetings.


  • Conduct scoping into linkages between IUU and bycatch, including bycatch in ALDFG to identify impacts and intervention points (at least three locations and/or species), compiling findings into an internal briefing for EIA;
  • Make recommendations to EIA for specific policy interventions to improve the conservation of species identified in the research outlined above, with a specific focus on IUU and ALDFG. Policy recommendations should be categorised according to local (eg. regional and national action plans), regional (e.g RFMOs) and international (e.g FAO, IWC) and build on existing mechanisms and initiatives.


Expressions of interest in responding to this tender to be received by 15 February 2021. Work to be completed by 15 April 2021.

Monitoring and Management

Expressions of interest and questions related to this work to be addressed to Christina Dixon, Senior Ocean Campaign,

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