How we are funded

EIA is a small organisation achieving great things with very limited resources. We commit as much of your money as possible to our investigations and campaigns but like everyone we have overheads to cover too.

If you’ve never heard of us before it’s because we don’t spend money on advertising, expensive offices or huge fundraising teams – just on challenging the threats to our natural world.

It costs up to £50,000 to run a full investigation. This covers our travel and research costs as well as specialist equipment and setting up fake companies and identities where required. Then we must turn the evidence we gather into hard-hitting campaign information, targeted at the people who can make a difference.

About 20 per cent of our funding comes from public donations and the other 80 per cent is from grant-making trusts, foundations and government bodies.

For every £1 given to EIA we spend:

  • 78p on investigating and campaigning for environmental protection
  • 17p on running costs
  • 5p on fundraising

EIA is currently structured as both a limited company and a registered charity number 1145359. Donate Today.