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Our comms team takes the floor!

It’s no good EIA doing important work, using innovative techniques if no-one ever hears about it!” to quote a frustrated campaigner.

The EIA comms department have been working hard to ensure that our message does get out there and our efforts have produced some very positive developments in recent months.

Firstly the number of people ‘liking’ our Facebook page increased to over 2000 last week. This was a very exciting milestone for us and a big ‘thank you’ to all our ‘fans’ – we really do appreciate your support. If you have friends you think might be interested in what EIA does why not point them in our direction?

Secondly in June we were included in the Guardian’s Top 50 wildlife and conservation Twitter accounts considering we have only been ‘Tweeting’ since June 2009 this was a public endorsement of the quality of information and humour of tweets from campaigners and staff in various settings and conferences around the world. Are you following us?

Obviously this blog is another new development, which has been enthusiastically embraced by all staff, so you can look forward to hearing from all the various campaigns and also some of the people that don’t normally feature in our external communications.

Finally and at long last we have managed to secure funding to re-develop our ageing web-site. The current web-site was originally designed in 2005! and has been creaking for a number of years now. We have ambitious plans for utilising our extensive video and stills archive and making it easier for people to join in our campaigns so watch this space!

Bill Dishington

Head of Comms

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  1. Cally Smith says:

    I read this feature with great interest because i too am frustrated at the lack of public knowledge regarding the fantastic conservation work campaigners are doing, and the issues we are facing. I am compiling several emails at the moment, and the information in them is known by all campaigners already, but i am trying to stress that without the general public behind these issues, we aren’t going to get results quick enough. My issues are Palm Oil and Illegal Logging. My emails will tell of instances i have had in trying to purchase non Palm oil products and ‘good’ timber. Its another viewpoint from the real world. I shall send these emails to any Campaigners/NGOs etc etc who may be able to help, EIA included. I am sure i won’t make a difference but i have to shout out about it :)
    Keep up the magnificent work – without people like you i can’t imagine how things would be.

  2. Hi Cally, thanks for your kind comments and your interest in EIA’s work. I’ll look forward to receiving your emails, which sound great – good luck with them !

    EIA is only a small NGO and as you say we need to get the public involved to generate momentum for our campaigns.

    So perhaps you could tell your friends about EIA and get them to join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter

    As to making a difference in our 25th Anniversary film we quote the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead

    “Never under-estimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

    You can view our 25th Anniversary film on You Tube

    With best wishes

    Bill Dishington

  3. Cally Smith says:

    Bill thank you for the inspiring quote by Margaret Mead – I like that very much – i guess you sensed a little helplessness in my email and you were right. It is easy to feel helpless against these issues.

    I will take a look at your film too!

    Thanks so much

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