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Our first blog post!

Welcome to EIA’s new blog!

Just yesterday EIA attended the Ideas Shop workshop run by Ogilvy, this was a really exciting opportunity for us as we had and hour and a half talking to leading marketing experts about how to get our message out there. So thank you Ideas Shop

This blog is the first brain-child of the workshop. We want to engage our supporters in a more proactive way. Starting next week we will post a weekly feature on one of the areas in EIA, this could be tigers or forests or our capacity building projects and our other campaigns that currently don’t get much air time.

You’ll be able to find out more about what we do and how we do it. Each week a different campaigner will give you insight into their latest activities.

Now, we are new to this so apologies for any teething issues. But I hope you’ll tune in for our weekly features, we’ll be posting the latest EIA news here too. And of course linking it to our facebook and twitter and monthly email updates.

So watch this space!

The fundraising team

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