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The comms team needs you!

Bill Dishington on all the latest in EIA comms:

I promised in the last comms  blog to keep you updated about our new web site project. After sending out a brief to 7 developers we managed to whittle it down to 2, who we asked to come to EIA’s offices and make a presentation.  Although it was a difficult (and thanks to all of them for their considered proposals) I’m glad to say that we have made a decision and the planning meetings will start in the next few weeks.

As an essential part of this process we need to hear from you the ‘users’.

What do you think of the current site?

EIA's current home page

What’s great? What’s not? What would you like to see improved? Have you got suggestions about what to include in the new web site?

I know, I get irritated by web questionnaires too!  But if you could complete this short questionnaire, it would really help us. It should take about 5 minutes to finish.

We’ve already had some very helpful comments. When looking at the homepage some of you have said;

“It could be a bit less busy with clearer links to topics / places to go”

“The images on the homepage are a bit dull and not attention grabbing”

And about what you’d like to see on the new site;

“A children’s page and children’s stuff in the shop.”

“Perhaps a photo gallery. Your staff must have accumulated some interesting photos over the years.”

“A section for up and coming event”

“More user-friendly interface Better navigation, make it more attractive to new users”

Previous Issue of Investigator now public

Previous Issue of Investigator

On a separate note the summer issue of our Investigator is now available to the public. We publish this just twice a year. It is a labour of love, we pull together all the campaigners and they compile personal accounts of their latest activities, what it’s like to be in the field, their latest achievements and plans. We’ve also included a new section at the back, called the Members’ Zone,this area is dedicated to our supporters. Many of you are doing fantastic things, raising money for EIA and the Members’ Zone is where is give you due credit and share your stories.

See the summer issue here.

EIA members will have received the very latest, Investigator Winter 2010, exclusively just last week.

If you would like to receive a copy, why not become a member for just £2 a month.

Why should I become a member?

By pledging regular support to EIA, we can plan for the future and achieve our long-term campaigning goals. EIA is a small organisation, small but very effective and good value for money. We are proud to say that 79p in every £1 donated goes straight towards our investigations and campaigning work. And you will be part of a growing group who are determined that our environment will not be destroyed by people who see it as a financial resource to be exploited

Bill Dishington

Operations and Communications Manager

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