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EIA alert: timber shipments from Burma to the EU

Companies in the European Union could fall foul of the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) by importing timber from Myanma/Burmar. The EUTR, which came into force in March this year, prohibits traders from placing on the EU market timber which has been harvested or exported illegally from the country of origin. The regulation requires traders […]

Burma sanctions suspension must be opportunity for reform

Chance to transform the forestry sector with civil society   LONDON: The European Union’s suspension of sanctions against Burma, which will include lifting the prohibition on direct trade of timber and wood products to EU markets, should be an opportunity to introduce meaningful reform directly benefiting the country’s people. EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg today […]

Iceland not off the hook over fin whaling

So, Iceland has dodged the bullet of US trade sanctions over its belligerent hunting of endangered fin whales. But is hasn’t escaped censure entirely, and it’s not unreasonable to expect that a strong degree of diplomatic attention will be focused on its whaling activities in the coming months. Iceland is the only country to actually […]