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Laos, corruption and the trade in Siamese rosewood

The town of Pakse is the sort of place that gives rise to the clich├ęs that predominate in descriptions of Laos. Slow, sleepy and peaceful. Nestled on the Mekong, not far from the border with Thailand, it serves as an entry point to the picturesque Bolaven plateau and its cooler climate, forests, waterfalls and coffee […]

Timber smuggling from Laos to Vietnam, in a military style

The new documentary The Real Chainsaw Massacre, following EIA undercover investigators in Vietnam and Laos, makes its UK premiere on Nat Geo Wild this Thursday, December 22, at 8pm; our Campaigns Director Julian Newman was one of the team being filmed and here he gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an investigation in progress.   It […]