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Mary Rice reflects on this week’s ivory burning in Kenya

A Burning Without the Warmth of Jubilation Almost 10 years ago, EIA investigated the case of more than six tonnes of illegal ivory –­ that’s at least 600 dead elephants ­– seized en route to Japan. It became known as the Singapore Seizure and our subsequent investigations showed it had been only one of 19 which […]

Mass ivory burning shows the way ahead

EIA calls for the destruction of all black market ivory KENYA: As several tonnes of contraband ivory went up in smoke, the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) called for all other illegal stockpiles to follow it. Today’s symbolic pyre at the Kenya Wildlife Service Field Training School in Manyani comprised 335 tusks and 41,553 hankos […]

Mary Rice discusses what’s next for elephants

The dust has finally begun to settle after the 14th meeting of Conference of the Parties (CoP 14) to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) back in March.  The outcome for elephants at CoP was favourable, but it was a close call. Despite considerable support from the usual suspects  – Southern African Development […]