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It matters what criminals think too!

“We always need connections…paperwork not important once you have connections, paperwork not important, they are only on paper…they can always be manipulated…” – Singapore ozone-depleting substances (ODS) dealer  When it comes to getting insights into what criminals think, EIA and our partners are in a pretty enviable position. Our undercover investigators spend weeks at a […]

Scripting the crime and identifying the target

You’ll probably have noticed that this week, the Oscars took place. In the end, I chose sleep over staying up to watch the ceremony (my tolerance for sleep deprivation has, er, “decreased in inverse proportion” to my age). But as the fallout settles, I’ve been thinking about the movies. Take the idea of a film […]

Diaries of spirits departed …

I’ve been reading about a pangolin trafficking operation, described in a recent report by TRAFFIC Southeast Asia1. Sabah Wildlife Department’s raid on a warehouse used by a pangolin trafficking syndicate recovered several logbooks used by the dealers. These books revealed that the criminals meticulously recorded their trafficking activities – being the details of approximately 22,200 […]

Charlotte Davies describes how intelligence can help save species

Recently, I was interested to read about a physicist named John Archibald Wheeler. One of Wheeler’s theories was (put very basically) that everything is information. Meaning, literally, everything is information – that the deepest foundations of the universe are ultimately made up of nuggets of information, corresponding to a vast chorus of “yes” or “no” […]