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Clare Perry’s opinion as Japan’s largest dolphin slaughter begin

On 1st November the world’s largest cetacean hunt – the Dall’s porpoise hunt – resumed again. I was in the small fishing port of Otsuchi in northern Japan earlier this year, with a cameraman and fixer, to film and document the porpoises being landed. It was a depressing and frustrating trip. We were treated with […]

Public health threat increases as Japan’s largest dolphin slaughter begins

LONDON: Campaigners are warning of the risk of a public health disaster unfolding in Japan while condemning the largest cetacean hunt in the world, which begins today in Japan’s coastal waters. Up to 15,000 porpoises will be killed and their meat sold throughout Japan, despite an international moratorium on commercial whaling. The meat is sold […]

Japan’s seas run red in annual porpoise hunt

THE fishing boats making their way into the port of Otsuchi , in northern Japan, seem an innocent enough sight, even picturesque – but in their wake is a sea stained red by the world’s single largest direct slaughter of cetaceans. Every year, approximately 15,000 Dall’s porpoises are killed, out of sight and largely out […]

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