Protecting the environment with intelligence

Political Will

1998_India_Pench_Tiger_Skull_01 - lo resWith political will, the right people will be posted to the right places, work with independent scientists to better manage the tiger populations and critical forests and engage local communities more effectively.

With political will, the right people with appropriate training and resources will be deployed against all levels of the trade chain to combat poaching and illegal trade, including trade in farmed tigers.

With political will, the leaders of nations that consume tiger parts and derivatives would declare a zero tolerance on all use, while leaders of nations that procure or finance the extraction of minerals, oil and gas from countries that have tigers, will say no to products from tiger forests.

EIA investigations and campaign reports get to the core of the problems and recommend realistic solutions, with meaningful indicators that can be used to determine whether real change is taking place. Feeding into the right forums and using powerful video and stills to convey the truth, EIA campaigners take the fight to those who can make and take action on the ground.


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