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Forest Loss

FOREST: illegal loggingIn the past century, Mankind’s rampant desire for resources has led to the destruction of forests on a massive scale. The consequences of deforestation for wildlife, human communities and the global climate are severe and EIA stands at the forefront of efforts to tackle it.

Forests are a treasure trove of biological diversity. Although they cover a fraction of the Earth’s surface, tropical rainforests are thought to be home to half of the world’s species, as well as iconic mammals such as the tiger and orang-utan.

They provide forest communities with food and livelihoods and play a critical role absorbing the greenhouse gases driving global climate change.

Threats to forests are continuously evolving, but all too often deforestation is underpinned by poverty, unsustainable development policies and crime.

EIA has fought for more than a decade to curb forest loss, using our unique investigative and campaigning methods to save key habitats and crack down on illegal logging. Our campaigns have focused on tackling the criminals driving forest loss and pushing for greater law enforcement and governance in forested countries.

EIA played a vital role in curbing illegal logging in Indonesia, exposing the corruption facilitating deforestation and building the consensus for legislation to regulate the timber trade.

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