Protecting the environment with intelligence

Our Work

EIA believes in a future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all life on the planet.

Our highly skilled, committed investigators work around the world – often undercover and in sometimes dangerous circumstances – to bring back the evidence which forms the basis of our campaigning and lobbying work.

We regularly see at first-hand the devastating impacts environmental crime can have on threatened species and fragile habitats.

But our track record shows that meaningful change is possible, whether we’re exposing criminals, raising awareness or pressing for better enforcement. EIA uses its unique skills and experience in three main areas.


Ecosystems & Biodiversity

All natural environments and living creatures are interconnected; EIA focuses on the ransacking of precious forests and on species threatened with extinction due to the devastating impact of illegal trade in body parts, over-hunting and the destruction of habitats.

Environmental Crime & Governance

Unchecked corruption and sophisticated criminal rings result in illegal trades which push species to the brink of extinction, transform thriving rainforests into impoverished landscapes and despoil the environment with waste technology and pollutants.

EIA helps to confront this with direct exposure, training and information-sharing with authorities and capacity building in civil society.

Global Climate

Climate change is, in part, driven by human activities such as the release of harmful gases, the illegal trade in Ozone Depleting Substances, mining and rampant deforestation. Our work focuses on raising awareness and pushing for climate-friendly alternatives and to stem the trade in illegal logging.