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Massive climate subsidies for HFCs industry to continue

UNFCCC CDM approves further payments to HFC producers   DURBAN: As United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiators meet in Durban, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is calling on all Parties to reject HFC-23 carbon credits following widespread evidence and acknowledgement that most of the credits do not represent real emission reductions. Last […]

Mary Rice reflects on this week’s ivory burning in Kenya

A Burning Without the Warmth of Jubilation Almost 10 years ago, EIA investigated the case of more than six tonnes of illegal ivory –­ that’s at least 600 dead elephants ­– seized en route to Japan. It became known as the Singapore Seizure and our subsequent investigations showed it had been only one of 19 which […]

Supermarket refrigeration scandal uncovered

Report exposes damage caused by supermarket refrigeration in the UK   THE Co-operative Group’s green and ethical credentials have been called into question in a new survey examining the impact of supermarket fridges and freezers on global warming. The Chilling Facts survey found that the Co-operative Group is using the ozone-destroying refrigerant HCFCs in 50 […]

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